Take care of your skin

If you want to know how to get a beautiful skin, you should know how to clean it and take care of it. Because the fact is, a beautiful skin is a skin that is provided.. We give you some tips, how to take care of your skin. Everybody can do it at home.


  • A bowl
  • Boiling hot water.
  • Medium size towel.
  • Face Scrub.
  • timer
  • Day and night cream


  1. Clean your face with tepid water (don’t  use soap)
  2. Then dip your face with the towel (don’t  rub your face).
  3. Take the bowl, and schenk the water into the bowl.
  4. Stay like 10minut above the bowl, with the towel on top of your head
  5. The 10minuts is over, put the face scrub on your face, and scrub it soft around your face.
  6. Go back above the bowl with water, put the towel back on top of your head. Stay for 5minuts.
  7. wash the face scrub from your face (with the same water) and Clean your face with the towel
  8. Last but not least,  put your Day or night cream.

Note this: 

  • Please note, when you use day and night cream, Consider what skin type you have.
  • Types of skin types. dry skin, oily skin and mixed skin 
  • Don’t stay longer than 30 minutes above the warm water. Because how longer you stay above the warm water, how many of your good pores will die. 
  • Don’t always use soap, when you clean your face, because it can cause pimples. 
  • Clean your face once in the week.